Michio Miyagi
Haru no umi (The Spring Sea)

für zwei Violinen

Michio Miyagi

The Japanese koto virtuoso and composer Michio Miyagi (1894-1956) originally composed and premiered “Haru no Umi” in 1929 for koto and shakuhachi. The koto is a traditional Japanese plucked instrument with 13 strings and the shakuhachi is a traditional bamboo flute.

“Haru no Umi” is a composition which in it’s simple beauty blends the world of Japanese sound with an inspiration of European influence. The rather bright shakuhachi timbre and the simple melody can be rendered well on the violin and the pizzicato and flageolet effects imitating koto and shakuhachi delightfull.

Motifs evoking the swell of waves and shore birds’ warbling occur throughout the work and bring the Haiku of Yosano, Buson to mind:

   The spring sea rising and falling, rising and falling all day Yosano, Buson    (translated by Robert Hass)

Arranged by Mihoko Kimura

Score with two part books
edition offenburg MY 2155
ISMN 979-0-700359-21-8

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